Balustrade Glass – 970mm (H) x 12mm (Toughened) – Many Widths Available


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Balustrade Glass

Toughened glass

Australian standard

Many sizes available. All 970mm (H) x 12mm thickness



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2000x970x12mm, 1950x970x12mm, 1900x970x12mm, 1850x970x12mm, 1800x970x12mm, 1750x970x12mm, 1700x970x12mm, 1650x970x12mm, 1600x970x12mm, 1550x970x12mm, 1500x970x12mm, 1450x970x12mm, 1400x970x12mm, 1350x970x12mm, 1300x970x12mm, 1250x970x12mm, 1200x970x12mm, 1150x970x12mm, 1100x970x12mm, 1050x970x12mm, 1000x970x12mm, 950x1200x12mm, 900x1200x12mm, 850x1200x12mm, 800x1200x12mm, 750x970x12mm, 700x970x12mm, 650x970x12mm, 600x970x12mm, 550x970x12mm, 500x970x12mm, 450x970x12mm, 400x970x12mm, 300x970x12mm, 200x970x12mm

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