The SavvySavers online shop, where you can find our selection of Home Renovation Products.

Save your money on your Home’s essential needs

We stock home renovation products for the DIY home handyman and the professional builder. Above all, we supply solid mid-range quality goods, at competitive prices.

We achieve this by focusing on curating an essential range of products. As a result, we have a carefully handpicked selection of items that we can offer you, at the lowest prices.

Home Renovation and Improvement

SavvySavers is an Adelaide based family-owned business that will certainly help you save some money on the essential home-ware goods.

At our warehouse, conveniently located at 5min from the CBD, we sell a range of quality and popular home products for renovation or update of bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen and outdoor areas.

Come to our warehouse and upgrade your bathroom with our bathtubs,  tapware, vanities, shower screens, and toilets.

Finally, you don’t have to worry about returns, because all bathroom, bedroom, kitchen and outdoor products comply to Australian standards and come with a 1-year warranty. Even more, our prices are all GST inclusive for pick up in Adelaide or with an extra charge for delivery, depending on product size and location.

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