About Us:

This is a father and son business (Leo & Jamie Capurso) that begun in Adelaide selling home renovation items. With Leo’s success previously in the auction business with a keen eye for what the public was looking for he could see the opportunity to take this to the online world.

Jamie has a background as a designer and wanted to create something a little more inviting than the usual retail experience of flashing signs and fluorescent lights, believing that elegant simplicity and a good selection of products at better prices would appeal to people more than gimmicks designed to ‘up sell’ buyers plastered on every page.

Many businesses try to offer everything to everybody and end up with a large range of products that nobody wants, the items that do sell are priced higher so the business can offset the losses on what didn’t sell.

“Our business model is very simple, we cut out all the things that push up the prices, no flashy store with lots of overheads that the customer ends up paying for, Just a warehouse of well selected stock backed by a 1 year warranty ready to be delivered to you.”


When they aren’t at work:

Leo and Jamie both discovered their love for music at different times and along completely different paths!

Leo enjoys singing up a storm in his free time, he is completely self taught and does covers from blues to jazz, you can see a performance by clicking on his photo.

Jamie has been known to make and produce music from time to time having done soundtracks for documentaries and more personal experimental projects but is more interested in the website at the moment.

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